Testimonial for For Sunnerbird Design, an interior design firm in Atlanta

"I purchased a small condo for use as a hospitality suite for my company guests and visiting employees. To get the very best pricing, the unit needed complete renovation and my real estate agent recommended Sunnerbird Design for their expertise and creative vision. At the initial consultation, Bobbie pointed out ideas that made sense functionally and financially. She met with our CFO and my personal assistant to arrive at a budget and time frame that would accomplish this transformation. She got complete bids from three different contractors and worked daily to oversee the entire project. She worked within her promised timeframe and our budget. She covered every last detail from fully stocking the kitchen with all the necessary items to the selection of movies to ensure comfort for anyone having the opportunity to stay there. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality of workmanship, furnishings and accessories that she provided. Bobbie created the perfect Hospitality Suite."

Jim Noble CEO, Noble Systems

Testimonial for For Sunnerbird Design, an interior design firm in Atlanta

"Bobbie was fantastic to work with. I wanted a masculine but modern look and her vision was perfect. She gave me a choice of 2-3 options for all the major and minor pieces, so I could have a feeling of control and claim some sort of ownership in the design. When I began having problems with my contractor, she intervened and pushed him to deliver a better and faster job. We were able to change our design slightly to make lemonade out of his lemons. I could not have salvaged his work without her help. Bobbie is on top of things and extremely detail oriented. You will know where every penny goes. This gives enormous piece of mind. I am very happy with the look of my condo and would recommend to all my family and friends!"

Peter A. Taylor, O.D

Testimonial for For Sunnerbird Design, an interior design firm in Atlanta

"We’ve now used Sunnerbird Design on our last two residences and felt compelled to convey our sincerest and deepest gratitude. Having never used a professional interior designer before, like anything new, we were somewhat apprehensive, particularly with the outcome relative to the investment. Not only where we overwhelmingly thrilled with the final outcome, we were completely amazed at how you were able to perfectly capture our personalities and convert what were once modest town houses into model homes fit for any magazine cover page yet practical and welcoming for everyday living. What truly separates you from all the other interior designers is your effort and dedication to really getting to know us personally and delivering the highest quality design within our budget. From the furniture and fixtures to the bathroom wallpaper, to the picture wall, to Mollie's memorial, we were blown away with your tireless attention to every little detail, commitment to perfection and sacrifices of your personal time to stay within our economic parameters. You have always, and continue to, far exceed our expectations. Most importantly, we treasure the friendship we have developed with you over the past six years. We absolutely love our homes and greatly appreciate what you’ve done to make them not only beautiful but “ours.” Bobbie is a sharp professional that does things the right way, the first time."

Julie and Mark Agustin

Testimonial for For Sunnerbird Design, an interior design firm in Atlanta

“I told Bobbie that I wanted to feel like I was coming home to an elegant Italian villa. I then left her alone to work her magic. When I opened the door to my gorgeous new home, I was blown away! In front of me was a hand-painted, floor-to-ceiling rendering of Portofino, Italy with an entrance ceiling that was now a perfect blue sky with fluffy white clouds.     

Each piece of furniture was hand-picked by Bobbie for its uniqueness and to utilize every inch of available space, yet still create the dramatic look I was seeking. In fact, my “new” home not only looked twice as big as before, but actually gave me more than twice as much space for all of my things – very important in a condo!

All of the strikingly beautiful window treatments, light fixtures, lamps, draperies, bedspreads, pillows, paintings, tableware, silverware and napkins were also selected by Bobbie. The end result of Bobbie’s hard work and eye for beauty was so spectacular that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured my Bobbie Schmitt-designed and decorated home on the cover of their special home section, with an additional two full pages of photos of the interior of my home as the center spread.

I am a “raving fan” of Bobbie’s and recommend her without hesitation or reservation.”

Dan Driscoll, CEO

Testimonial for For Sunnerbird Design, an interior design firm in Atlanta

"Our first introduction to Bobbie’s work was when we visited our friend’s home over the holidays. This was a couple of years ago and our friends had just moved to Florida. Bobbie had decorated the house including picking the colors and doing the interiors. What impressed us was the warm inviting feel of the home. When we bought a house, we immediately realized the daunting task of picking colors and designing the interiors to match the style of the house. Bobbie helped us highlight the unique features of our home along with helping us pick colors and interiors. Bobbie took on our 4,500 sq. ft. home from scratch (starting with mirrors in the bathrooms) and did a fabulous job integrating design with the architecture of the home as well as our personal tastes. Over the years her services have ranged from designing living spaces to decorating our Christmas tree. She has an eye for beautiful things; she can work with the tightest deadline and is great at stretching the budget. We have enjoyed our association with her."

Ram and Laksmi Davaloor

Testimonial for For Sunnerbird Design, an interior design firm in Atlanta

"We were introduced through my neighbors, Mark and Julie, who have been clients of yours for eight plus years. As a result of their rave reviews regarding your work and expertise, not to mention their beautifully decorated home, I was very eager to meet you. My husband and I had been living in our home for well over a year before meeting you but were in desperate need of finishing touches throughout home that we could just not achieve. Let's face it; it is not cheap to take on the responsibility of decorating a home. It is even more expensive when you think you can do it all on your own. I lived for many years with the misconception that I didn't need help or that having a decorator wouldn't really be a savings. I will be the first to admit that I was very wrong. The services you provide and the quality you bring for the price are exceptionally unbelievable. It sickens me to think of the money I wasted for so many years paying ridiculous marked up prices on items on a whim hoping they would work. We are both enormously impressed with your talent, creativity, flexibility, confidence and passion and are extremely thankful to our neighbors for introducing us to you. You have truly transformed our house into a home that we absolutely love!"

Jodi and Dr. Mark Swierzewski

Testimonial for For Sunnerbird Design, an interior design firm in Atlanta

"Before using Bobbie and Sunnerbird Design, I spent a fortune using other interior designers and was never able to get even one room finished. I hired Bobbie and within a few weeks my entire downstairs was completed! Bobbie was able to quickly get my style and what I was going for, utilize my existing pieces and show me new pieces that just worked both with my style and my budget. And the pièce de résistance…..a TV-show worthy reveal! It was awesome to see the finished product come together. Bobbie is great and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an interior designer."

Diane DiFebbo

Testimonial for For Sunnerbird Design, an interior design firm in Atlanta

"Ed and I love EVERY details of the entire bedroom and bedding decor...so elegant and lush...pillows are fantastic. Everything is made so beautifully...at a great price. You sure earned your fee or token of appreciation thank you thank you..."

Triss Shirley

Testimonial for For Sunnerbird Design, an interior design firm in Atlanta

"When my wife and I made the decision to finally build our dream home we knew that 6,300 square feet was not your typical or average home size. Grand entrance, spacious living spaces, lots of bathrooms and windows meant that it was time to bring in a professional - someone who could take the time to learn our desires and get a feel for what would work to make it perfect. We needed to do it right the first time and work within our budget. We had seen the wonderful work she had done for my parent's homes over the years so it made perfect sense to call Bobbie at Sunnerbird Design. She worked around our busy schedules, identified a selection of items that were all great and then highlighted the features that she thought made the most sense for a final decision. We worked through each room, each window and each major feature - like the fireplace for instance. We were surprised by how quickly the process seemed - completing a majority of the work in a week of day-long meetings. We could have just let Bobbie make the decisions, knowing what worked for us, but as it was such a significant project for us we were both excited to be involved in the details, and she welcomed our involvement to any level we desired! The outcome was spectacular and our home is now used to demonstrate integrated home automation features (lighting, security, cameras, audio & video distribution). Clients come to see the technology in action but often comment about the decor. Thanks Bobbie for delivering exactly what we needed and wanted. You're the best!"

Paul Shirley

Testimonial for For Sunnerbird Design, an interior design firm in Atlanta

"Even our youngest clients love how we have changed their world."

Moksha Davaloor

Testimonial for For Sunnerbird Design, an interior design firm in Atlanta

"Bobbie's expertise and professionalism have transformed my new home into a fabulous living space. She listens to her clients and works her magic to make things happen ...at any price point. She is very intuitive and respectful of her client’s needs. She is incredibly resourceful and creative. The amount of time and money she has saved me has been phenomenal. Bobbie was recommended to me by a builder who worked with a number of designers. When I asked what makes her standout from the others, he stated she is hard working, has a great eye for what works and what does not, and she will go the extra mile for her clients. Her charismatic personality makes her a joy to be around."

Dawn C. Wilson, M.D.