Builder’s / Developer’s Model Homes

Builder Showcased Models

Before builders or developers begin construction on a spec home or creating a subdivision, they have already looked into the demographics of their target market.  They need to determine who their buyers will be - what age range, - whether they will be first-time single buyers, young newlyweds, families, empty nesters or retirees.  Each of these market segments have specific needs and wants that are critical to the design and finishes of the home.

The interior designer’s job is to interpret these styles and needs while successfully incorporating  functional living space in an atmosphere where the buyer can relax, browse  while envisioning life in that home. The designer’s talent helps the buyer see what the house would be like with appropriately scaled furniture following current fashion trends.  Bringing out the most of a model home ultimately helps the buyers make a purchasing decision. 

Sales Centers

In addition to having furnished models, on site Sales Centers have proven to be critical in the sales process.  Allowing a buyer to select their finishes – where they can see, touch and choose their cabinetry, counter tops, paint colors, flooring and lighting packages moves them in the direction of making the house their home.  We have knowledge of the trends and colors and have the skills to display these options making them an invaluable sales tool. 

Builders and developers understand trends change in the eyes of the buyers – and that includes exterior finishes as well as floor plans and interior colors.  Developers and builders who are constantly updating and changing their specifications have the best chance of a successful sellout.


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